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  1. 2007 Supercharged Toyota FJ Cruiser $23,500 OBO

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    2007 Supercharged Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 Supercharged Toyota FJ Cruiser $19,500 OBO 127,763 miles • TRD Supercharger • 6-speed manual transmission • Air Lift air leveling system w/onboard air compressor • Air Lift pressure gauge & control mounted on dash and rear door • ARB awning passenger...
  2. $14,300 2008 6MT 145k mi Atrac Elocker

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    I have a 6MT with 145k miles. It has Atrac, Rear Elocker, TRD Exhaust. I've added Bilstein 5100 struts/shocks, light racing upper control arms, and ARB Old man emu medium springs (rear only) in the last 5,000 miles. I have also replaced the front and read diff's, transmission, transfer case, and...
  3. First $1000

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, Just recently picked up an '07 6MT FJ. It came with a 3" Rough Country lift, TRD Exhaust, and the optional lights. I intend to put in a new receiver and backup camera. Besides tires and a receiver, where is my first $1000 best spent? I'd appreciate any input. I'd also like an extra...
  4. FS: UT, SLC - 2012 FJ Cruiser, Silver Metallic, 6MT, $29.5K

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    Truck is located in SLC, UT. I love this truck. If I weren't building a new house that requires me to lower my monthly payments, I would have kept this thing forever. Only 23,300 miles, that will increase slightly from day to day. 6 speed manual trans. Interior is fantastic, exterior is nearly...