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  1. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hi everyone! I am looking for the highest installation point in order to reduce the likelihood of flooding internal air heater Webasto Air Top 2000 STC with water when crossing the ford. Possible point of installation is on the picture - maybe someone did already this kind of install and can...
  2. Tech Articles Staging Area
    Hi All, I just installed my ARB compressor in my engine bay. I didn't want to install it on the passenger side since I am still undecided if I will ever get a second battery (if I can ever find a OEM style 3-way switch). I figured I'll show everyone where I decided to mount it in the engine...
  3. Maintenance Tech
    I had to redo my air filter cleaning video on YouTube because I keep getting fraudulent third party audio content claims. So I added some royalty free music and uploaded the video again. I searched on here for my original thread, but only found where I had posted the video as a response...
  4. Toyota FJ Cruiser News
    Air just picked up $100 forum dollars thanks to your votes! This month's theme was "FJs and Pets" and we had some of the most creative entries yet. Here is the winning submission... Congratulations Air!
1-4 of 4 Results