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  1. FS: Airlift 1000 rear air bag kit

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    SOLD I put on some different rear springs so these are up for grabs. Purchased in Sept of last year. Probably have only 5K miles on them. Worked really well to control body-roll and just make even my daily commute a little better. Didn't seem to affect anything offroad for what little offroad...
  2. Airbag dual controller w/ gauge installed

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I use Firestone airbags to load level the truck when towing. To make things easier to fill them, I installed an Air Lift dual paddle switch controller w/ dual needle (left or/and right) air gauge on the drivers front side a/c panel. Not liking the tin bezel edge on the gauge, I changed it with...
  3. Airlift controller?

    Trailers and Towing Tech
    Hello All, First post here, taking delivery of the FJ next week, and towing the boat was half the reason for the buy so I think a set of airlift bags are in my near future. Has anyone here bothered with the airlift controller system, or is it as totally unnecessary as I suspect?