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  1. Front right cv axle replacement

    Maintenance Tech
    Hey, I’m new here and if I have posted in the wrong place, please redirect me. 2007 FJ w/144,000 miles on the OD and I finally had an issue with it. I love saying that, this has been the best of anything I have ever owned from Ducati to Ford. So I’m looking under the FJ and noticed the clamp...
  2. UCA upgrade

    General Discussion
    I recently installed a 3" rough country spacer lift on my FJ, and ordered 33's. After the installation of the tires, my cv axle snapped on the left side and had to replace both CV's and both struts. After I got done with that nightmare, I noticed every time I go over pot hole, there is a loud...
  3. Help! Steering Knuckle Outer Seal to Axle???

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Help please before I blow a gasket after 3 days of two Toyota dealers, numerous phone calls and hours online, I still cannot come up with a part number for the seal that seats into the steering knuckle and goes over the end of the axle. It's NOT part # 90316-A0001 which is the inner seal that...
  4. Trouble turning

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I got my FJ stuck on a steep snowy hill today, couldn't make it up the hill without slipping so I had to attempt to turn around and ended up stuck sideways and trying to get unstuck without going off the edge of a mountain. I had it in 4LO and the wheels cut hard and giving it all she had to a...