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  1. WTB: Baja drop in roof rack or standard full rack SF Bay area (NorCal)

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Looking for a Baja drop in roof basket or the Baja Standard full rack. Located in Alameda CA, basically in the SF bay area. Thanks in advance, Paul
  2. Where to buy a Baja Utility Flat Rack (Medium) in NorCal

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hey everyone, Looking for recommendations on a local shop (San Francisco area) or online retailer that sells and has the Baja Utility Flat Rack (Medium) in stock. Looks like the is sold out and too long of a wait. :( Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  3. ***NEED 5 Members!! Limited Promotion for Baja Designs & Caliber 9!!***

    Vendor Deals & Group Buys
    . is an AUTHORIZED dealer for Baja Designs & Caliber 9 Designs Everyone knows, Our FJ Cruisers are the COOLEST vehicles out there. ORW / Baja Designs & Caliber 9 Designs makes it even COOLER with adding aftermarket lights to help see better while offroading while...
  4. For Sale: 2013 Jayco Baja 10G Off-road Camping Trailer w/ Front Deck

    Non FJ classifieds
    SOLD!!! This trailer has been sold. Thank you for viewing.
  5. WTB: Baja Rack drop in basket

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Looking for a Baja Rack drop-in basket for a 2007 FJ Cruiser OEM rack. Possibly willing to pay shipping to Ft Irwin, CA 92310 depending on cost. Let me know what you have! Thanks Mike
  6. Will these wheels and tires fit my FJ?

    Wheels and Tires
    Hi folks, I just came across a CL ad that has tires and wheels for sale and I am totally interested in. Can someone tell me if the bolt pattern and tire size will fit a 2007 FJ Cruiser that is not lifted? The wheels are 15x10 and will fit a 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern. Great for off road. The tires...
  7. WTB Rear Ladder

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    I got a new rack that i can stand on to load but looking for a ladder to help me up there! Would prefer local, and don't mind if it's got some scratches.
  8. Bajarack Rear Ladder for FJ Cruiser

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    ******* SOLD ******** x x x x x I won this at the FJ Summit this year but I drive Land Cruisers so thought it could go to a good home. It sells for $200, but I can let go for $100. I'm in Katy, TX so if you are in Houston just come pick it up. Shipping is not cheap since it is 14x14x48 but if...