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  1. SF Bay Area- Places to get Mods done to FJCs?

    Newbie Discussions
    Hi there. I'm new to the forum. On my 2nd FJC. My college age son is loving my first one! I just bought a 2013, low miles, nice little beastie. But, it doesn't have much extra on it and I'd love to add some nice mods for safety, off-roading, short people (side rails), etc. Any...
  2. Bay Area FJ's holla!!

    General Discussion
    Hey guys i moved from the east coast to the Bay Area 2 years ago. My FJ being my daily driver for those 2 whole years she is now retired as my main weekend Adeventure cruiser. Wanted to know who here in the Bay Area want to go on trails with me, or i join you guys. My FJ is stock but it's good...
  3. FJ Dummy

    Newbie Discussions
    Hi, Live in Bay area, just got a 07 FJ as a weekend explore vehicle. Seeking some basic knowledge of the truck and maybe a local outdoor group to join. But I got some problem on the truck. engine keeps throw code to me, either the A/F sensor, P0174(bank 2 sensor 1) too lean, when i put a new...