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  1. Wheels and Tires
    For anyone in the NY/NJ area that is looking for bigger wheels and tires, and needs a BMC. Look no further than Fieldston Automotive in the Bronx. They just finished cutting, welding, hammering, painting and undercoat for an incredible price. Took 1 1/2 hours and they took me same day. Called at...
  2. North East Region
    After lifting and adding 33’s with a -18mm offset wheel, I have slight rub at full lock in reverse and at steeper driving angles. Does anyone know of a reputable place to get a BMC on Long Island? The shop that did the lift said it would be $300 for each side and didn’t seem to keen on doing it...
  3. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    ***sold*** I purchased the kit from Metal Tech but forgot to bring the plates with me when I went to my fab guy so he ended up just making some for me and did the cut and install so I don't need these any longer. The picture below of the install isn't on my vehicle as again I didn't use the...
  4. Suspension / Steering Tech
    I was wondering if anyone near Raleigh could help me preform a Body Mount Chop. I know there are tons of threads on here but it always helps to have someone with you thats done it before. If anyone is able too please PM me. I can pay you if you would like. Thanks Davis
1-4 of 4 Results