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body work

  1. Mid West Region
    Hi All, First time post, and wish it would've been a more positive one. But the "Mrs." ran my MINT, no scratches, no dings, perfect paint.. 2013 FJ TT into the wall and I need some recommendations on an auto-body shop. Please let me know if anyone knows of any good ones in the Twin Cities...
  2. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    So I bought an OEM roof rack off of a wrecked FJ. Problem is, the idiots who took it off the wrecked truck manhandled it and it's been split like this ever since. How would you fix it? Surely there's some kind of aluminum filler you can buy, fill that spot up and sand it down. Or can I just...
  3. Misc. Technical Discussion
    The thing I love most about the design of the 4Runner is the trunk door with that power window! :clap: That thing is just amazing and why all SUV's and trucks just do not come pre-installed with them is beyond me. It's almost a necessity if you are an outdoors/dog friendly type. So why does the...