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  1. Aftermarket LED light brake light cluster not fully working! Help!

    Hello all, I have a 2007 FJ Cruiser - bought it about a year ago. Issue I'm having at the moment is with my aftermarket LED cluster tail lights - on the driver's side only about half of the LEDs in the brake light cluster are functioning. I believe the brand are Spyder - anyway, they look...
  2. Problem during brake flush/bleeding

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Have noticed the stopping power of my 2007 FJC has been getting weaker. Exactly a year ago i replaced all pads and rotors with OEM. I did a 4k mile trip and never noticed any braking issues. Tonight i did the 2nd brake flush after 110k miles. I started driver front to drain the reservoir...
  3. Aftermarket Parking Brake Noise

    Maintenance Tech
    Hi Everyone, I keep getting grinding from the aftermarket parking brakes I bought at Autozone. They damaged the rotor I bought, which was just replaced. Adjusting the star wheel and interior cabin adjustment seem to have no effect. They still grind. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks...
  4. FS: S.O.S. Performance Big Brake Kit (unopened)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    340mm BIG BRAKE KIT 4 PISTON FRONT fits 2000-2006 TUNDRA | SOS Performance, Tundra Racing, Stoptech Big Brake Kit Rear Disc Is the exact same one as the FJ Cruiser kit by the same company. Asking way less than they sold it to me for: $1598.40 Price drop:$1250 including shipping (probably...
  5. Lights of Doom and The Angry BEEEEEEEP

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Howdy FJ Forumites! I've got a doozy of a pickle up here in the frozen tundra of VT. My 2007 4WD FJ has periodically thrown me the VSC Trio of lights (Most often on really cold mornings) for the last several months. Typically, once the temp warms up, off they go. My basic OBD2 reader tells me...
  6. Emergency Brake Not Holding

    General Discussion
    This weekend I was vacuuming out my 2007 FJ. I was cleaning in the front seat, and lifted the emergency brake handle between the two captains chairs. No pull. No hold. Nothing. It flopped back into place. I have no idea how major this is, nor what would be involved in fixing it. Any...