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  1. "RavenFJ" — an engineer's build

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    (photo credit rwdunn) Been building up "RavenFJ" since 2015, and feel like we're finally ready for an attempt at a proper build thread, so here goes... (click any photo for hi-res) INITIAL BUILD GOALS • Daily driver • Toy hauler (windsurfing/paddling/skiing/etc) • Occasional...
  2. Iconic's Rear Bumper Build

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Not entirely sure I haven't lost my mind, this thread will show either the win or fail of my rear bumper build. I've never seen a bumper built like what I plan to do so keep that in mind! At any rate it will be something totally different. It'll give me a huge gain in departure angle and...
  3. Preferred Style of FJ Build?

    Toyota FJ Cruiser Polls
    Here's this month's question for ya'll, what style of FJ Cruiser build do you prefer? Feel free to explain your reasoning below! And for further clarification on the selections here is how I see builds... Stock build - loving how it drives from the factory and not wanting to mess that up...
  4. FJ Matilda Build - 2013 Cement Gray TTSE

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    I've had my rig since last June, and I was a bit surprised I've never gotten around to starting / posting a build thread. So here's a bit of catch up, starting with the rig as I bought her in Vegas and mods since then. There's a couple of major new parts about to show up (bumper and winch) so...
  5. Iconic's Partial To Blue Build

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    Hello, a little background on me: The FJ is the first vehicle I've officially owned and I bought it from my dad, 06/19/15 is when I traded in the dirty license plate and was handed a shiny new one. I'm 20 yrs old (as of this post) and attend college for Engineering. I've been hooked on Toyota...
  6. Storm Damage - FJX2000 TRD Build

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    Hey everyone! So here is my build thread, I hope you enjoy! Also this FJ is now sold. Pics of now... Here is my MODS list: Suspension TRD Bilstein Off-Road Tuned Shocks 3" ReadyLIFT Lift Kit (comes with front and rear spacers and a differential drop) Light Racing Upper Control Arms...