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  1. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Truck was recently lifted. Was hearing a singular click when backing up with the wheel cut so I figured a bolt may need to be torqued down. Another thread mentioned the LCA hardware is sometimes left loose after a shop does an alignment so I tightened that to spec. The specific nut I tightened...
  2. Suspension / Steering Tech
    I purchased my '14 FJ almost 10 months ago and it was a CPO car. On top of that I purchased a "platinum" bumper-to-bumper extended warranty. Fast forward to December when I put on the Toytec/Bilstein lift kit. About 2 weeks later, I had it in for an alignment at an independent shop and they...
  3. Maintenance Tech
    So I just got the FJ lifted and when the shop went to realign the wheels, they couldn't break the cam bolt loose because it had rusted in place. They say if they break the bolt head off, I'll have to pay over $1000 in new cam bolts and replacing the lower control arms. Anyone know a good way to...
1-3 of 3 Results