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  1. Best FJ Rear Organizer?

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hi all, I have a 2007 FJ and over time my trunk has become a disorganized collection of camping stuffs - I'm looking to find a good organizer for the back to keep everything in order. Recommendations?
  2. Iconic's Firepits F.S.

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!!! --------------------------------------------------- Those following my build already know that I have been working on a design for some portable firepits. I had a batch of 10 made recently. A couple have already been sold. These are 12 gauge 304 stainless steel and weigh...
  3. Help Finding Camping Spots for RTT

    Camping Equipment
    OK, so how does everyone go about finding places where you can camp in your RTT? On the east coast/mid-atlantic I've had little luck. Most of the camping areas that I've been able to find are in actual campgrounds. Paved RV spots with neighbors close by. And normally closed after Labor Day...
  4. FJ Summit Camping Share

    2018 FJCruiser Summit
    Hi all, I got taken off the waitlist for the FJ Summit on Monday, and as you can imagine things are really full as far as lodging goes. I was hoping to get a spot in the 4j+1+1 rv park or another park close enough to walk into town. I have a rooftop tent on a 4runner. I was wondering if anyone...
  5. Camper for RENT?? (Feeler)

    2018 FJCruiser Summit
    So, we picked up a Nice little TearDrop camper. (UPDATE, Yes, this is the same Camper, we have made a few Changes) We are making our journey from Minnesota to the FJ Summit arriving in Ouray on July 17th. We have booked a Condo to stay in for our time in Ouray. So, we were thinking about...
  6. NEW Kelty Carport Deluxe

    Non FJ classifieds
    SOLD I have a NIB Kelty Carport Deluxe FS. I am asking $250. plus shipping for it. These are no longer made. It is a very versatile, durable awning/tent.
  7. Vacation 2017 At Mount Rainier National Park, White River Campground

    Trail Report/Photo Section/GPS Coordinates
    (We went at a fairly good time, even though it was smoky up there. The campground and surrounding areas were evacuated a week back due to the Norse Creek area wildfires which got dangerously close to Mount Rainier and the area.) Finally vacation time, second week of August, and a lot of new...
  8. where to overland PA?

    North East Region
    Hey guys I just finished my car camping build and I wanted to take her out but I can't find anywhere to go? I live in north east PA Philly area. I searched everywhere! Where do you guys go with your rooftop tent?
  9. Rear door handle

    I'd Like to Tell Toyota...
    I want to camp in my FJ but I'd really love to have a handle on the rear door so I don't have to crawl through my FJ in the morning. Oh well
  10. WTB: Camping Gear, RTT, Roof Rack Options, Bumpers

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Hello all, I am planning a big month long camping trip out west this summer and need to step up and do some mods for my rig. I have specifically been looking for used Rooftop Tents, Roofrack options (already have OEM but open to others as well), bumpers, sliders, and any other camping gear...
  11. Best Campground Location for FJ Cruiser Summit in Ouray

    2017 FJCruiser Summit
    I've got a rooftop tent on my FJ and I'm wanting to go to the FJ Cruiser Summit in Ouray this year. Since I'll be pitching my tent each night after activities instead of being able to setup camp and leave it, I'd really like to figure out which campground is located closest to where the...
  12. Lockable laptop storage

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hello all, My wife, corgi and I are embarking on a cross country road trip and will be taking 2.5 weeks to see National Parks and cool things. Sometimes we will be in rural campsites with nothing around us but most times we will be in paved, back in type sites (I prefer off the grid - away from...
  13. For Sale - 2010 Adventure Trailer (Horizon)

    Non FJ classifieds
    SALE PENDING - 2010 Adventure Trailer (Horizon) ## SALE PENDING ## Located in Southern California (Orange County), my 2010 A/T Horizon with clear title in hand. This trailer is in excellent condition, I am the second owner and have enjoyed this trailer very much over the years. The trailer is...
  14. OffRoadWarehouse & Tepui Tents

    Offroad Warehouse
    Founded in 2010, and based in Santa Cruz, California, Tepui Tents makes the highest quality rooftop camping tents and excursion accessories available. Engineered with market-leading designs that utilize premium materials, Tepui’s tents are easy to install on almost any vehicle with a roof rack...
  15. Odin Designs RTT review

    Camping Equipment
    Hey guys, I wanted to take some time to review the Odin Designs Type E, 3 Person Tent. Ive wanted a roof top tent for so long now, and finally dedicated to saving up to buy one and holy freaking crap I'm so glad I did. Im going to post text and a video. I plan on redoing the video once the rain...
  16. Rear Cargo Shelf Build Pics

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    In preparation for an epic summer overlanding trip to Alaska, I decided I needed to build a shelf in the rear cargo area of my FJ. I have searched the web on and off for months and have found inspiration in a few other designs posted on the forum. I decided to keep my design simple and...
  17. For Sale: 2013 Jayco Baja 10G Off-road Camping Trailer w/ Front Deck

    Non FJ classifieds
    SOLD!!! This trailer has been sold. Thank you for viewing.
  18. Adventure Trailer Horizon &/or FJ Cruiser for SALE

    :mecry:Adventure Trailer - Horizon 2007 Model for Sale Excellent condition with nose box, two fuel cans, 19-gal water tank w pump, 2 burner stainless steel stove, propane tank, 12-volt aux system, deep cycle battery w/ charger, roof top (king size) tent, several multi axis couplers, rear...