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catalytic converter

  1. Quick Catalytic Converter Question.

    Maintenance Tech
    I have searched the forum/google/youtube and I couldn't seem to find anything that answered my question. Sorry if this has been answered before. After taking my 2007 FJ with 135k miles on it to autozone and getting my codes read they said I needed a new cat converter, I researched on here and...
  2. How to replace catalytic converters for P0420 and P0430 error codes

    Engine Performance
    Hi. 2007 FJ 4WD w 160k miles error codes P0420 passenger side and P0430 driver side codes came up. Catalyst inefficiency meaning the catalytic converters were no good. Ran cat cleaner through the gas tank and no change. Dealer wanted 4g for new cats including install. I paid $750 total. 2...
  3. I have searched Hi and Low, Please Help

    Engine Performance
    Ok guys.. sorry for the long post but I need to get you all up to speed on my situation I am new to this forum but am NOT new to forums and know my etiquette. :nerd I have search and searched and also have my local Vegas FJ Cruiser group help put thought into my situation...