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  1. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hi all. Well, I read instructional posts and the instructions on Icon’s website and watched some YouTube videos and thought I could tackle the simple install of the new coilovers (already have SPC UCAs that a shop installed). Well, probably 8 hours of work/frustration later and I have the sway...
  2. Suspension / Steering Tech
    I just bought the ICON Extended Travel Front Coilovers for my 2012 FJ (already had aftermarket UCAs). I HAVE NOT INSTALLED YET. Here’s my dilemma: I stretched the budget to be able to afford the icons (even at the discounted price I found them for from Metal Tech 4x4). I went with icon because...
  3. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Howdy, I just recently bought a stage two lift kit to add to my 2010 trails team Fj. I'm working on the front suspension, and what I've noticed after 200,000 miles, is that a lot of bolts/nuts are being very stubborn to remove. I've got everything off now except the 3 14mm bolts on the top of...
  4. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Brand new 4runner take offs, Vancouver Canada willing to ship at buyers expense, minors scuffs from removal $900CAD
  5. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Recently updated my whole suspension with Old Man Emu and I’ve found it is too rough for my daily driving. Medium duty coils 3 inch lift. They have less than 200 miles on them. Wondering if anyone is interested in trading or buying in Miami area.
  6. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Trying to clean out my garage lockers. I have front coilovers and rear shocks and spring, plus UCA and rear lower links, that came off my 2013 TT. They have about 50,000 miles on. Good condition, willing to ship anywhere in the US. $250.00 plus shipping takes it all, but I'm happy to listen to...
  7. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Currently have King 700 lb coils and want to try something softer (not icon, as their 650 spring is 13" tall). Please let me know if you have a set you want to move. Thanks!
  8. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    SOLD!!!!!! Here's a close-up of the springs:
  9. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hi folks, this might be discussed before but I couldn't find an answer in previous threads. So I decided to bring up a new discussion and want to hear your opinion. To my understanding, extended travel coilovers like the ICONs are around 0.5" longer when fully extended than regular travel ones...
  10. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Here is the most comprehensive list of suspension options for FJ Cruisers out there! Prices and options are always changing so I will try to update it as often as possible. Last Updated: 11/8/2020 To help understand the comparison a little more and what type of lift kit or suspension...
1-10 of 11 Results