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cold air intake

  1. TRD Air Cold Intake

    Engine Performance
    Hello, I could not find a post related to the TRD Cold Air Intake. A friend recommended to install one, but I wanted to do some research first. Is it worth paying $380 for it? Pro/Cons? Toyota was unable to tell me if this two parts numbers would work on my 2013 FJ. (PTR03-35090) and...
  2. 2014 MAP/AIT Sensor (Engine & TRAC off lights)

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    2014 FJC installed CAi (Airaid) Dry filter 2 months later engine and TRAC OFF light come up on dash. Read up on some forums that it was just the gas cap failing to seal the vacuum. Dealer pulled code "P0112 Intake Air Temperature Circuit Low Input " I cleaned the Air Intake Temp Sensor and...
  3. 07 Lifted Blk Diamond 77,000K Upgrades $22,000

    Vehicles For Sale
    07 Lifted Black Diamond 81,500 miles Upgrades $21,000/Offer I love this lady beast, but I need a truck. It's a California rig with a California approved cold air intake. There have been a few upgrades to it, but nothing like the serious mods I've seen here. I will try to upload additional...
  4. TRD Cold Air Intake for 2009

    Engine Performance
    Hello people, Question here, thought of installing a TRD cold air intake for my 2009 modal. But i can see my current air intake system is different. Wil i still be able to fix that as in pictures
  5. Toyota Air Intake Hardware Kit - PTR03-35090-AD (Northern VA)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    For Sale: Toyota Air Intake Hardware Kit - PTR03-35090-AD Price: $35 including shipping Condition: Brand new (packaging was torn open to check fitment) Location: Northern Virginia I bought this kit online, but my 2007 FJ TRD SE has the older/different CAI system (PTR05-35061), so it doesn't...