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customer service

  1. 4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Currently trying to install the sliders, but was not sent the relocation brackets. When I talked to the president about it, it was a whole ordeal with him claiming that it was too simple a task for anyone to have actually written instructions for, and ended with him insulted me with his...
  2. Pure FJ Cruiser
    @pureFJCrusier - I placed an order over the weekend with racks, armor and I am about to pull the trigger on another one for dual battery & electrical. I've been browsing the plethora of DIY dual battery installs on the forum and haven't seen one with the fit & finish I want. I was hoping you...
  3. General Discussion
    BLUF: Does anyone know how to manually unlock (the key actuates a powered unlocking mechanism and doesn't manually unlock) the rear cargo door? I scrimped and saved and purchased the Fab Fours rear bumper with spare tire swing arm. I installed it earlier today and have encountered a...