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  1. CV axle will not come out!

    Maintenance Tech
    Driver cv axle refuses to budge, tried prying, hammer slide,'I even tried winching it out. The only part not broken off now is the very end going into the front differential. Anyone know why this is so hard? Ideas? Is there a way to take the differential apart to get it out?
  2. ARB Front Locker Video Demo and Review

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Took some videos wheeling some red and black trails at Rausch Creek Offroad Park in PA. The front locker came in really handy on many situations. Seeing how it performed my friend was very convinced to get one too:laugh I would just like to share my experience here in case somebody...
  3. Rear Differential Replacement Guide

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    This is a guide designed to take the mystery out of rear differential upgrades for the FJC. Never forget the date, 11-19-2016 is when I broke the ring and pinion out of my '07's 8" rear diff. If you've had that happen you'll never forget the sound and you'll never wheel the same afterwards. It...
  4. Replacing the Panel Button Bulb

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    So my 'RR Diff Lock' backlight finally bit the dust. I went to the Toyota dealership and ordered the bulb; part number: 90010-01083 (fits all years of the FJ). Below are pictures showing step-by-step instructions on how to remove the panel button (literally pops right out), then use a flat...
  5. rear Locker options

    Newbie Discussions
    My fj doesn't have a rear locker or A-Trac. I'd like to add a rear locker and I'm not very interested in just selling mine and buying one with a locker just to get that out of the way. I was hoping for some opinions and answers since I don't know much. An ARB air locker seems like the easiest...
  6. Back shakes on my 2007 FJ

    Newbie Discussions
    My FJ cruiser is from 2007. It has around 90,000 miles on it. Every say 20 minutes the back will shake for about 5 seconds. It happens no matter what speed i'm doing. Does anyone know what it could be?
  7. Manual trans tcase issues w/ regear?

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    So I am in no way a mechanic, but I have done all the work on my FJ thus far. Please let me know if this is just a ridiculous question because I missed something during my research. :program: After rausch the other week I've been trying to determine what needs to be done for 35s. The consensus...
  8. Manual Gear & Differential Oils

    Maintenance Tech
    I have a 2007 FJ with a manual transmission. The manual calls for 75W/90 GL-4 or GL-5 for the transmission; for the front and rear differentials it calls for 90W GL-5; and for the transfer case 75W/90 GL-5. My questions: 1. Where can I buy 90W GL-5? I checked Amsoil, Red Line and Swepco's...