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  1. Rear door strut conversion.

    Newbie Discussions
    G'day, Thanks for allowing me to join...I'm the proprietor of Strut Your Stuff Gas Struts here in Bunbury, WA. New to our extensive range, is the rear door strut kit for the FJ Cruiser. It is specially dampened to open in a controlled manner, to 90 degrees, or approx 95 degrees if requested. It...
  2. Door trim piece

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Wondering how to remove this trim piece. Is it just held in with adhesive, if so what would you put it back on with. Thanks guys.
  3. Trying to find fj Aux Parts but I don't know the names, sorry

    Newbie Discussions
    Hi guys can you help me I'm looking first for a link to buy a Aluminium strip the protects the bottom of doors and has a lifted "FJ cruiser, or FJ on the strip. I guess it sticks to the bottom of the doors. Second I am looking for a link to buy, A Metal Grip Aluminium type looking protector...
  4. 07-15 Door Handles For Sale

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    For sale are a set of door handles suitable for an 07-15 Cruiser. They are Genuine Toyota Parts and were mounted to my 08 for a couple years before I swapped them out. They have some minor wear, but nothing about them is unusable or old. For the set, we're asking $40. We're located in Seattle...
  5. Passenger door/ front quarter panel damage?

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    So I was driving on a really bad road a few days ago and there was a seirs of two dips I didn't see till it was to late. I was driving 30 and the two dips were both about 2 feet deep and a 1 1/2 long. When I hit them it was pretty intense and now the passenger quarter panel is shifted back...
  6. Alarm/Door Lock Issues

    Newbie Discussions
    Hi all. I did a search before this post and found a bunch of posts of lock and alarm issues. There was no posts/threads to my issue that I'm I thought I'd ask. On my 2008 2W FJ when I lock it using the alarm(which is integrated into the key) I get the one beep, the doors...
  7. Rear Door Weld Broken

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Has anyone had this problem or know someone who has? It was 5 deg outside and a gust of wind caught the door swinging it out and crack! the door weld broke and now the read door wont close unless I lift the spare. Before I try to spot weld it (this wont be pretty) I wanted to reach out to the...
  8. Warrior Doors (Used is fine)

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Looking for some warrior doors before the summer. Mesh or no mesh is fine and used with scratches and stuff isn't a problem either. Didn't really want to spend the full $400 on brand new ones so I figured I'd check and see if anybody just didn't want their older ones anymore! Thanks guys!