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  1. Black DRL & Fog Lights for stock bumper?

    I don't like the add on lights, I want a "factory" in bumper experience. Anyone tried these? Looks like there is a fog light button, as well as a DRL button. Not sure when the LED strip turns on? The price is right. Not sure how many hours for install? And what's up with not providing...
  2. Headlights stay on with key out and locked

    I have a problem where the headlights stay on, with the headlight switch on the off position, key out and doors locked, I have replaced the ignition switch, and took the truck to the dealership to get it reprogrammed with no luck, if anyone can give me tips on what to look for and where to start...
  3. Need help wiring Spyder headlights

    Due to an unfortunate accident, I am rebuilding the front end of my '07 FJ. :crying Ordered Spyder Headlights Spyder Auto | Toyota FJ Cruiser projector headlight I don't want the halogen headlights always on (HIGH/LO & DRL). I want the DRL's to be the LED "U" but it appears that this is to be...
  4. Help finding 12v switched near headlights

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Hello All, I need help finding a 12 volt switched near the headlights, I purchased some Anzo headlights and want to use the CCFL DRL halo's as DRL's so when I turn on the ignition they are on until I turn it off. I have read many posts but I do not want to tap into the parking lights I don't...
  5. Help connecting illuminated DRL switch

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    First off........ I have looked at the threads related to adding a switch for the DRLs. I still have some questions. I have attached a picture taken from one showing the DRL relay wire that gets cut so that extended wires mat be run to a switch in the cab. Hopefully I can get some help from...