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  1. Maintenance Tech
    I’m hoping to get some advice on how to proceed on some recurring engine light issues with my 2007 fj. The first time I got an engine light it happened after I added gas and began to accelerate onto the highway. I tried tightening the gas cap but the light did not go away. I bought a new gas cap...
  2. Engine Performance
    Hi All, I installed a TRD Air Intake on my 20007 FJ about 8 months ago. And a Magnaflow Exhaust about 9 months ago. FJ has about 75K miles. It's been running perfectly! Last week, we were driving thru some windy conditions, and the dash engine light (along with some other lights) came on. The...
  3. Maintenance Tech
    I just got the light of death on my fj. I saw the engine light come on along with the ESP light (the car with a squiggly line). I get back to the house and hook it up to the code reader and get P0031 HO2S heater control circuit low (bank 1, sensor 1). I did some online research and I believe...
1-3 of 3 Results