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  1. Maintenance Tech
    Hi there! I just wanted to know your opinion on when to change the oil when the car is regularly being driven offroad? Please also note that I use KMs instead of Miles in this post. I mainly use my FJ for weekend trips that include gravel and offroad driving too. 10-25% of my driving is...
  2. Maintenance Tech
    So I just did my oil change on my 2008 FJ cruiser 1GR-FE. Everything was standard procedure, drain oil, replace filter, refill oil. I did the first 5qt jug all at once since it's supposed to take 5.5qts and then checked the oil level with the dipstick to see if I'm getting close. It was already...
  3. Engine Performance
    So I went to change the oil for the first time since buying my FJ. Long story short, I cannot get the oil plug off the oil pan. I'm not sure if someone tightened it to tight, or it has some rust (the FJ sat for periods of time as it was my dad's, and he used his company work truck 95% of the...
1-3 of 3 Results