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  1. Where to buy a complete engine 2011 +?

    Engine Performance
    Hi. I 'm from Panama. looking for a complete second generation engine. Any advice ?
  2. steel bracket between engine block and intake - broken bolt - essential?

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    I was changing the plugs in my '07 FJ @150k miles, I've done it several times before. There is a steel bracket that is on the drivers side towards the rear of the engine, it mounts vertically, bolts at its top to the intake housing and at its bottom to the engine block, it has to be removed to...
  3. Shavings in oil

    Engine Performance
    Not sure where else to post this on here as this is my first time posting here. but here she goes. I bought a 2007 FJ cruiser in october, financed it over 3 years with plans to pay it off early it only had 145k km on it i havent even put 5000 kms on the vehicle. everything looked and seemed...
  4. Researching FJ info before purchase, Engine problem questions

    Newbie Discussions
    Hi Guys, Just wondering if you guys have had any engine or starter problems. I've been reading about the engine and found this bit of info online that sounds alarming. Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0 V6 Engine specs, problems, reliability, oil, 4Runner, Tundra, Tacoma "1GR-FE Engine Problems and...
  5. Need motor

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Head gasket blown on 285,000 '08 motor. Anyone have one laying around they want to sell or know anyone in the Houston area that will rebuild one??? Please help. :crying
  6. Performance Chip Recommendations?

    Engine Performance
    Hi, this is my first thread and question to the FJ community here, and as I have my FJ in the shop to get revamped after buying used, one thing I want to do is buy a performance chip to improve my HP and get the most out of my already dwindling gas mileage because of larger tires and a slight...
  7. Engine, traction , Vsc off, Vsc trc indicators are on

    Engine Performance
    Hello guys, This is Moataz and i am a new member here, I am seeking your experience and help, I bought an FJ 08 automatic gear , and it has alot of warning lights on, i am confused , i have connected the OBD II, and it shows a code P0328, Photo if dashboard as below, has anyone experienced...
  8. High Mileage Performance question

    Engine Performance
    Whats going on guys, I Bought my '07 FJ with 180k miles on it back in sept of 2016 i currently have 202k and really want to do something to enhance the performance. Cold air, Bigger headers, exhaust.. ext I was wondering if you think that it would be worth it. Or am i just throwing money away...