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  1. New Exhaust, power loss?

    Engine Performance
    Hi, I recently got a new Borla dual exhaust for the FJ. While the twin pipes look great and I love the sound, I THINK it feels like I lost some power. Is this possible? I am getting the same mileage & miles per gallon. I also got a new Mini Cooper S that is quick, so I kinda think driving it may...
  2. Traction Control and Check Engine lights came on when i replaced my exhaust.

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    I recently replaced my stock exhaust with a bolt on Rebel Series Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust from aFe. Ever since I replaced it, my check engine and traction control lights came on. I found out the check engine light is on because of the emissions. I figured it might be the O2 sensors...
  3. Quick Catalytic Converter Question.

    Maintenance Tech
    I have searched the forum/google/youtube and I couldn't seem to find anything that answered my question. Sorry if this has been answered before. After taking my 2007 FJ with 135k miles on it to autozone and getting my codes read they said I needed a new cat converter, I researched on here and...
  4. Long-or-Short, Exhausted by the Options

    Engine Performance
    Headers. The question is, which way to go I guess. I've read comparisons on long tube and short tube, but I would rather ask the people using them. I'd like for the 'ole girl to be supremely capable in the power department, among other things?. So personal opinions, what set up shows the best...
  5. Anyone bought an FJ out of state into CA?

    Newbie Discussions
    I'm possibly buying a 2011 FJTT from AZ, I live in CA. I would like to know if anyone has bought an out of state FJ and brought it to CA. I'm a little worried about CA's SMOG regs., and whether I'll need to spend any additional $ out of pocket to get it into compliance. As far as I know the car...
  6. Opinion about - "Chip" + throttle body spacer mods etc.

    Engine Performance
    Greetings, hope all is well. I have an 07 and its awesome. got her used and came with TRD exhaust, wheels, & 2" lift. Maybe it was a trd model. NOW i was thinking of adding juice under the hood, wanted to ask you opinion on a few things - 1. TRD intake all positive info on this. what can you...
  7. WTS: AFE 3" stainless cat back exhaust 49-46005

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Brand spankin new in box 3" stainless cat back exhaust. Rear exit, high tuck, AFE part number 49-46005. I had this out of the box just long enough to realize that the larger 3" tube is NOT compatible with an aftermarket cross member I installed for my skid plates. I paid $342.50 plus...
  8. Wtb stock exhaust manifold for 07fj

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Call me if you have a set Robert (719) 748-346O. Would love to find a set near Colorado Springs
  9. OEM Stock Exhaust from 2008

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    UPDATED PRICE Good day FJ Cruiser ppl, I have a 2008 fj cruiser stock exhaust system cat-back (muffler to tailpipe) for sale. This was just taken off yesterday when i installed my custom dirty deeds exhaust. The tubing has some surface rust, as i am located in Nebraska, but otherwise perfect...