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fender crack

  1. Advice needed: considering buying 2007 FJ with 137k miles for $12,000. Clean vehicle inspection overall, but visible signs of FENDER TEARS.

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    I am considering buying a 2007 FJ with 137,000 miles. Asking price is $12,000. I ordered a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle from LemonSquad, which came back pretty clean, except in photos attached from the report I can spot signs of fender tears/cracks, which I've attached below. I've...
  2. Anyone else have cracks like this?

    I noticed i have cracks on the inside of both fender walls in the engine bay of my 2007 FJ. They certainly look like stress cracks and i have them on both sides. I have an ARB Bull bar bumper, but I thought that was mounted to the frame and couldn't cause anything like this. I don't recall...