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fj cruiser 07

  1. Newbie Discussions
    Trying to find this ladder. Have seen a few pics of it, but no sites having it listed. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    Hello everyone :) We are looking to sell our FJ Cruiser for cash offers out of Arlington VA. Setting the price at $14k. The car is in great condition with some minor cosmetic issues. Overall the car runs great and has been serviced every 6k miles — currently just under 141k miles. Please email...
  3. Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    Welp after getting a transmission flus Friday my 2007 started acting up. It was a gradually progressive surge then engage between 2nd and 3rd and would “clunk” when I came to a stop. Then one Yesterday I got the “Christmas Tree lights” (CEL) in my dash (check engine, VSC, ABS, etc). After Ran...
  4. Newbie Discussions
    I’m interested in purchasing an 07 manual fj. The FJ I’m considering to buy has 144,000 miles, clean title, 2 owners, and service records from the dealer. They are asking $16000. Im keeping my daily commuter car and only plan on using this FJ for backpacking trips and maybe Sunday drives. It’s...