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  1. Why no wave?...

    South Central Region
    Ok I've noticed something recently: FJ drivers in the Tulsa area don't do "The Wave". We've all seen it, Jeep drivers do it, so why not FJ drivers? Ive flashed my lights, waved, everything except moonwalk. Nothing. I must've seen a dozen FJ's today on the streets and not one single wave back...
  2. Quad copter and FJ's in Moab!

    General Discussion
    I don't know if this has already been posted but I found it pretty awesome. I don't have my FJ anymore but I do have a quad copter and came across this vid... :bigthumb:
  3. Tuffy Security Console BNIB

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    ***S O L D*** Thanks for looking guys! [/URL][/IMG]
  4. Te37 285/65/18

    Wheels and Tires
    Hello Blue Room- I decided to pull the trigger on my favorite JDM wheels since it is a Japanese truck! I know its not everyone's cup of tea but those that come from the tuner world will probably appreciate it. Since I was putting the wheels on I went ahead and installed a set of 5100's and...
  5. Where Did You Go With Your FJ Today?

    General Discussion
    This thread is only for what you did "WITH" your FJ today. Please use the other thread for what you did "TO" your FJ today. Took the Shiba`s on a mission to PetSmart. Stopped at Famous...
  6. Adventure Trailer Horizon &/or FJ Cruiser for SALE

    :mecry:Adventure Trailer - Horizon 2007 Model for Sale Excellent condition with nose box, two fuel cans, 19-gal water tank w pump, 2 burner stainless steel stove, propane tank, 12-volt aux system, deep cycle battery w/ charger, roof top (king size) tent, several multi axis couplers, rear...