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  1. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Hey everyone, I am looking for a set of either 4 or 5 FJ Cruiser 8-Hole wheels. I am located in NJ and willing to travel a little to pick up a set. Trying to stay under $300-400 for the set of wheels without tires. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any possible offers. Thank you!!
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD SPECIAL EDITION $25,000 Extremely rare manual 6MT 173.500 miles (Using it as a daily driver) Mileage will change. Excellent conditions Have not been used off-road. Recently Changed all these parts (10 days ago) Brand New CVJ AXLES Brand New OEM Spark Plugs Brand...
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    Hello Guys, I am looking to buy a well maintained FJ Cruiser in Saudi Arabia. Preferably 2010 model. FJ guys in Saudi please help me to find one.
  4. Trailers and Towing Tech
    Hey everyone. Here in about 6-8 months I'm going to be moving from Florida to Utah pulling a trailer with my 08 FJ. I am buying a trailer but need some opinions on what you think I can safely tow. Im looking at two size of trailers a 8.5 x 16ft or a 8.5 x 20ft trailer. The trailer weighs around...
  5. My 07 FJC

    My 07 FJC

  6. Engine Performance
    So guys I will start by telling my whole story so that you can be updated with me and help me figure out what is the problem, First of all my car is Fj 2015 with 127,xxx Km , my whole problem started when i went to the desert and drove recklessly when done with that the car began to vibrate and...
  7. Planned Expeditions
    Me and a couple FJ guys are running up to Cleghorn on Sunday 4/28/2019 if any others are wanting to join! We looking to meet up at the dirt lot at 7 am. and hit the trail by 8 am. (Cleghorn is easy-medium trail running OHV in Southern Ca).:bandit:
  8. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Looking to buy 2007 FJ all weather (rubber) floor mats. Anyone know where I can find.(Not the newer thin floor mats, post 2010). OME rubber (all weather) floor mats.
  9. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    I have a 2008 FJ and I am wanting to purchase an original Toyota Subwoofer. I have also been wanting to buy the Toyota OEM All Weather Floor Mats for it as well.
  10. hi

    Newbie Discussions
    my fjcruiser
  11. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hello all, I just got my first FJ on Tuesday and I AM SO STOKED! I absolutely love her. 2007 Base model, Silver. I am excited to get some mods going but want to just enjoy for a bit first! I have wanted an FJ ever since I was a teen and I am so proud! The same day I got my FJ my BF traded in his...
  12. Newbie Discussions
    I have installed a new LED bar on top of my fj cruiser. Every time the speed gets to 60 miles/hour you start hearing whistling and vibrations. I checked all my nuts and bolts but still no result. Any advice?
  13. Vehicles For Sale
    *Update vehicle has been sold* Look out for the new owner on the forum! :-) *SOLD* 2012 Trail Teams Special Edition Toyota FJ Cruiser with 32k miles. Asking $32k OBO. This is the lowest mileage 2012 FJ you will find anywhere. I am in Phoenix, AZ so it's never seen any ice, snow, or salty...
  14. Problems / Dealer Service
    So I have a bizzare experience happening. Walked to my 2008 Fj, unlocked it with key fob. Put the key in the ignition, let the battery kick in (lights, music, etc.) as soon as I turned the key to crank it. I hear one click then all power shuts off. Lights turn off with music along with...
  15. Offroad Warehouse
    . is an AUTHORIZED dealer for Baja Designs & Caliber 9 Designs Everyone knows, Our FJ Cruisers are the COOLEST vehicles out there. ORW / Baja Designs & Caliber 9 Designs makes it even COOLER with adding aftermarket lights to help see better while offroading while...
  16. Offroad Warehouse
    Founded in 2010, and based in Santa Cruz, California, Tepui Tents makes the highest quality rooftop camping tents and excursion accessories available. Engineered with market-leading designs that utilize premium materials, Tepui’s tents are easy to install on almost any vehicle with a roof rack...
  17. Member Build Ups
    Hey all. just sharing some photos from my build the last couple of weeks. I was lucky to get it all done before it got too cold. I only got snowed on one day and rained on a couple of days. :clap: So here is where I started this year: Here is the list of added gear thus far: Cobra 18WXSTII...
  18. Vehicles For Sale
    Been looking for a '07 FJ Cruiser Trd, 6 speed for under 21k If you have one that you want to sell contact me 516-305-3928. Thanks Rob
  19. General Discussion
    Hello Mates! check this FJ Selfie out, I had a lot of fun taking it as I was passing a Semi. Post your FJ selfies if you've got them.
  20. Vendor Deals & Group Buys
    :clap:BRUTE WHEELS proud sponsor of brings good news. We are offering introductory pricing on our wheels pricing while supplies last or 4/30/2015 only. $100.00 off MSRP + FREE Shipping to the 48 States. Visit us @ or You Can Purchase...