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  1. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hi, I took advantage of the July 4th Toytec sale and bought Toytec Aluma 2.5 coilovers and 2.5 rear shocks with superflexy coils. I currently have Fox 2.5s on now. I’m a little worried because I don’t have much weight up front except for an aluminum bumper and aluminum skids and don’t plan on...
  2. Buyers Guides & Product Comparisons
    Hey y’all looking for suggestions on rear springs to pair up with a set of Fox 2.0 shocks. Looking for: 2-3 in of lift Decent performance on road Good off-road performance, mostly driving on rutted gravel trails, (think cobblestone) Pretty much it, any help or advice welcome!
  3. Vendor Deals
    Hey all looking for front suspension, noticed Ironman 4x4 was having a sale, around 630$ for their front struts, assembled and shipped. PART NUMBER: 12710GR-CKFJ Anyone know of similar deals from other manufacturers, preferably pre assembled ?
  4. Suspension / Steering Tech
    So not long ago I bought Fox 2.0 IFP coilovers. They have a top spring mount similar to OEM. When I look it up, extended length is: 21.775" Compressed is: 16.600". They say they are good for 0-2". I think I might have them a little higher than that as its level and I have Superflex springs...
  5. Suspension / Steering Tech
    A question to the more knowledgeable than myself about suspension-lift kits: Dirt Logic vs. Fox vs. King for rough desert terrains (think of Arizona/Dubai). I don't plan on doing any high speed jumps or offroading, but I'm looking for something that'll provide a nice ride in the bumpy harsh...
  6. Suspension / Steering Tech
    I have been doing extensive research for a lift kit and I was just about to cut my losses and just settle with the Toytec BOSS kit when I discovered that I can get my employee discount on FOX suspension. I am basically doing the Toytec lift minus the rear lift. I'm just trying to level my FJ at...
1-6 of 6 Results