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  1. Give Aways
    Hey, I have given up on cleaning up and re spraying my Bajarack and moved on to Prinsu. I was about to take the rack to the dump, but I figured I'd see if anyone would just take it off my lazy hands. It's rusty in spots (some dimples due to rust), could use some new hardware too. If you're...
  2. Give Aways
    This is the driver side (left) mirror in silver from my '07, in silver. Located in Austin, TX, but I'm willing to ship if you pay the shipping. PM me or post below if you want more details! I also have the passenger side mirror; however the housing is broken.
  3. Give Aways
    FREE to a good home! Front bumper bar with extensions and plastic bumper cover. Includes ALL hardware (not pictured) except the eight 14mm impact nuts used to secure it to the frame. I needed those to bolt on the aftermarket bumper. 12 years old, so it does have some wear. Some paint or...
  4. Give Aways
    I got an Expedition One Wyo Otto front bumper for my 2014 a while back and the original front bumper assembly is just eating up space in my garage. Would love to help out a fellow FJ owner in need. What I have: Front bumper cover (black) and wings (black) - from the factory, TRD edition, so all...
  5. Give Aways fine shape, includes bolts. Only on the truck for 7K miles. Pick up only in Rochester MN. These are not rock rails but running boards that one steps on to facilitate getting in/out of the vehicle.
  6. Bajarack Adventure Equipment
    Hello guys, the FJ Summit is around the corner and we will be bringing shirts to the event for our customers, please add your name to this thread or Private Message with your first / last name, shirt size and type of rack you own. Looking forward to see you at the Summit.:clap:
  7. Non FJ classifieds
    This isn't mine, but I've gotten some cool free (just pay shipping) products from these Survival Life guys that I thought some of you might find useful as well. They are used as promotional items to get you interested in their paid services, but you can easily unsubscribe from their e-mails...
  8. Colorado
    I tend to surf craigslist ebay and other for sale sites and sometimes I find some great deals, usually I dont have the $$$$ or the wife says "NO". So lets start a thread for local items we find. Ill Start...... Warn FJ Bumper $500
1-8 of 10 Results