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front brakes

  1. Brake issue

    Maintenance Tech
    Whenever I brake no matter what speed I'm going it pulls hard left. The last time I drove it I experienced a terrible brake smell and lots of heat coming from the right wheel well and brake. I replaced the rotors and pads over the summer so I have a hard time believing its that but who knows...
  2. OEM Trail Team Blacked Out Bumper, and various parts

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Trail Team Blacked Out Bumper, and various parts Hey Everyone, I have some various parts off of my 2011 Trail Team FJ that I want to sell. I'm located in Montgomery, Alabama and I'm willing to ship if you pay for shipping. I'd prefer to sell in person though. Direct message me and I'll give...
  3. Front brake pad question?

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    I just hit 60k on my '11 FJ and the front brake pads are getting low. I was going to order OEM pads as I've had great luck with the stock ones. Which of these is stock OEM? PTR093400211 Replacement brake pads for the TRD big brake kit, front set. PTR0989110 One Set of High Performance Rear...