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front differential

  1. Front Differential Oil Change Video

    Maintenance Tech
    I know... It is not my FJ Cruiser... That video was all dark and blurry... and you couldn't see the important parts. Since the GX470 is the exact same platform (J120) as our FJ Cruisers, I wanted to post up this video in case anyone is unsure of the steps to change the front differential oil...
  2. LA, CA - $600 obo - Complete 2010 (automatic) front differential 55k miles

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Complete 2010 (automatic) front differential 55k miles only. Parting out my FJ (building it into a race truck (build is @trophyfj on IG) Perfectly fine, never an issue 55k miles before I removed it. No accidents. Complete with actuator and supports! PayPal preferred. Local pickup preferred but...