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  1. Fuel Filler Neck Interchangeability?

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Toyota lists a new part number for the fuel filler neck starting May 2012. No one else seems to know what the change was. I’m wondering if anyone here is aware of this or knows what the changeover was. I’ve asked Toyota at the dealer level parts and service and searched around for the...
  2. Fixed Long Term Fuel Trims

    Maintenance Tech
    Hi, I've been looking into my Christmas tree lights w OBD2 codes P0420 and P0430 meaning the catalytic converters may be bad. In looking around I found LTFTs of 12 at idle that increased to 14 at 3000 RPM in Park. Normal is under 5. This meant the engine was adding extra fuel. One cause is...
  3. HOW TO: Fuel Tank Strap Replacement

    How-To Technical Articles
    This is a guide on how to replace the gas tank straps. I noticed one day while walking up to my FJ that the OE plastic gas tank skid was crooked. It didn't take too long to discover that one of my gas tank straps had broken! It looked to be very corroded, which surprised me a little because how...
  4. 2010 fj drove fine to work , then crank no start

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Im looking for some info on the immobilizer system and possibly the fuel pump cpntrol module and how they function. I drove it to work today without issues. When I started it on lunch it reved up like normal and idled for a second and shut off. After that it was just a solid and healthy crank...
  5. So who is gonna hybrid there FJ First?

    I live in CA Obviously I didn't Purchase the most fuel efficient suv. However with that being said, I didn't sign up for 5.50 or even possibly 10.00 dollars per 1 gallon of gas either. When I first bought my FJ it was in 2007 and gas was just hitting just under 2 bucks a gallon. So here we are...