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  1. Diode Dynamics mirror LED lights stopped working & reverse lights are not working

    Hi All, I have a MT 2007 and the other day I was reversing and got yelled at. They said my reverse lights (led) were not working. I confirmed that they are not working, although sometimes I can see them illuminate briefly. I also noticed that the side mirror lights (led) are both not...
  2. Relay/Fuse Panel

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    A few years ago we built a simple relay/ fuse box for our FJ Cruiser to safely power a bunch of lights and assorted cabin electronics. We have all our friends on message boards like this to thank. It was through their (your) advise, comments, and support that helped us “electrically challenged”...
  3. drilless BlueSea fuse block, electrical upgrades, lights, winch somewhat how-to

    Member Build Ups
    Skip to the red lettering if you looking for useful info and don't care about my rambling. I know i skip around threads trying to find specific information i need if I'm not doing exactly like someone else is. Hey guys thought id show the way I'm setting some stuff up to get my fellow FJ...
  4. New 20 Circuits Bussmann Relay/Breaker/Fuse Box

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Just got my new Bussmann fuse box and taught i could post some pics of it as i really like it. Not installed in the FJ yet but will do after i finish my custom bracket to hold it!!! 20 Circuits total (Up to 40 possible) 10 with Breaker/Relays 10 Fuse only Overview Closer Look Weather Pack...