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  1. North East Region
    Hi all - I've read (with great envy) about FJ owners getting together and forming groups that will meet from time to time and compare mods, swap ideas, help each other with builds, and generally just have "FJ camaraderie." But nothing like that exists in The First State, that I know of. So -...
  2. South East Region
    All right, calling all interested parties to plan a group run or gathering for pool and beer and cigars. I know you are indoors surfing the internet right now because it's too dang cold to be outside. So if you are interested, pop in a reply. Details to follow a show of interest...
  3. Canadian Forum
    Hey i am from abbotsford looking to meet some new people to wheel with. I am a newb and am running completely stock right now. I was hoping some folks would be interested in meeting, either go for a brew or hit the trails.
1-3 of 3 Results