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  1. Vland halo headlights

    Anyone have any experience with the Vland halo headlights. I had some for a short time, I loved the look but when I turned on the high beams they shut off. I was tired of messing with them and was near my window of returning them for a full refund so I returned them. I have found very few...
  2. Anzo Halo Headlight Not Working

    Newbie Discussions
    I have had these anzo headlights for about a year and a half, but sometimes randomly the halo ring on the passenger side as well as the turn signal won't come on when I turn my headlights on or when I turn it to daytime running lights. After an hour or so, the ring will come back on as well as...
  3. Just recieved my LED Concepts color changing Halos!

    Hey guys! I just recieved my 2007-2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser ColorMorph Halo Headlight Kit by LED Concepts color changing Halos! I know most people on the forum will believe that this is a waste of money and "ruins" the dignity of the FJ. I am not looking for negative opinions on these! I don't car...
  4. WTS - projector halo's and HID light kit

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    WTS- 3 projector halo headlights - 2 complete units, also including a brand new 3rd driver side light that I have robbed the bulb plug from. Also in the deal - brand new Xenon HID kit never installed, an extra heave duty bulb plug and 2 extra working H9 light bulbs. The entire lot, shipped to...
  5. Been around for a while - Now becoming active!

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hi Everyone. I'm from Toronto Canada. I also have my own local FJ group TOCA - Toronto Ontario Cruisers Association My build site... only put up some of my unique mods :) 2010 Black FJ Some of my mods: 3" Procomp lift, 3/4" spacer on top (custom red...