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  1. URD Rear O2 Simulator [plug and play version]

    Engine Performance
    Good day gang, does anyone have experience with the plug and play version of the URD Rear O2 Simulator, 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 Dual Channel. I am having trouble finding instructions on the forums and URD won't provide instructions. I've had this sim for a few months now and desperately want to get...
  2. Long Tube Headers & Tuning

    Newbie Discussions
    Hello, I recently put on long tube headers on my 07 FJ, along with a straight y-pipe and JBL exhaust. All my lights came on on my dash, and I'm running extremely rich. I'm getting 9 to 13 miles per gallon. I've called around to different performance shops but no one will tune an FJ. I live in...
  3. Long-or-Short, Exhausted by the Options

    Engine Performance
    Headers. The question is, which way to go I guess. I've read comparisons on long tube and short tube, but I would rather ask the people using them. I'd like for the 'ole girl to be supremely capable in the power department, among other things?. So personal opinions, what set up shows the best...
  4. OEM Manifolds / Cats with gaskets and hardware - Columbus OH

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    These have been SOLD! I have a set of 2007 factory manifolds (headers) and catalytic converters for sale. I purchased them in January last year from forum member FreshChip119 because I had the dreaded Christmas tree lights on the instrument panel, but as it turns out I only need one new O2...
  5. FS or trade Doug Thorley long tube headers

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers, 2005-11 Tacoma / 2007-12 FJ Cruiser ? Doug Thorley Headers bought for my FJ never installed new in box, just opened for pictures. Box is big would rather not ship. $400 cash, or open to trade (light bar, recovery gear, roof rack) I have a 16' 4-Runner Trail...