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  1. WTB tow hitch OEM or aftermarket either is fine

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Hi I have a stock rear bumper and want to have some sort of towing capabilities. Open to either the stock tow setup or something aftermarket. Does anyone have something they would like to sell? Best, Jon
  2. Expo One Rear Bumper Help

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Hello, Ive been working on installing my expo one bumper all day and have hit a few annoying road blocks and could use some advice. As some of you may know, my fj was rear ended while parked in front of my house. I have it back now and decided to upgrade it vs reinstall the stock equipment...
  3. using 'ball-less' ball mount for rear recovery?

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    hi. I searched but did not find anything... I am looking to add a solid 'rear recovery point' for my fj (in addition to what is there from the factory on the driver side - I read all of the debates about that, so it does not need to be mentioned here :wink). So, I am going to add a hitch...
  4. 2012 FJ Parts

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    I have multiple 2012 FJ Parts for sale. My FJ has just 20K miles and most of these parts were replaced with after market parts before I rolled 20K. Front Bumper cover $120.00 Shocks with < 20,000 miles both front and rear $50 for all Springs front and rear $60 for all Stock skid plate for gas...
  5. M105 Trailer

    Newbie Discussions
    Hey everyone, I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for whatever help I can get on here. I have a 2010 TT and I was looking at a really nice M105 utility trailer on craigslist. I just have two questions. 1. Is there an electronic conversion that I can do for the trailer/fj? 2. I looked...
  6. OEM Hitch Valence Bumper Cover - Silver

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Brand new, never installed. Rear bumper valence for use with OEM hitch. No clips or fasteners. Silver. Asking $50+shipping. PM me your zip code to determine actual shipping cost.
  7. WTS: Tow Hitch + Hardware - Austin, TX

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Curt 5,000 lb hitch for FJ. Came off of a 2013 TT. Never used to tow. Complete with frame mounting hardware. Local pick-up only. $75.00.
  8. Hitch and Wiring

    Trailers and Towing Tech
    Hello all, sorry if I'm posting to the wrong section. I am setting up my 2013 that currently is w/o towing package to tow my travel trailer. Couple of questions: First: Any feedback on pulling a 4500 lb travel trailer with my FJ? It's 30' LOA and I have an equalizer hitch with sway control...
  9. Which hitch to install and bike rack for FJ?

    Camping Equipment
    Hi all, new here to the forums. I have 2013 FJ and want to install a hitch receiver to use with a bike rack -- thinking about Thule T2 or Kuat NV (need a platform-type rack). BUT, looking at a CURT or Hidden Hitch, there is 6 - 8.5" from the pinhole to the edge of the spare tire. What...