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  1. Rugged Ridge Third Brake Light LED Ring Install

    Hi guys and gals: Longtime lurker here--want to thank all of you for the help I've received here over the 7 years I've owned my FJ. 150K miles and still going strong! I work in the aftermarket automotive industry and get to play with A LOT of parts and talk to some great suppliers. One...
  2. Need HELP with info about aftermarket roof racks!

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    So, little background, I previously had a 2007 FJ with OEM roof rack. I am a whitewater kayaking and canoeing instructor so hauling around boats is a regular thing. I don't really care for the OEM rack, so I would prefer an aftermarket one. Now I just bought a 2010 FJ with no rack, and I need...
  3. Post your FJammer replacement / mod

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Hey guys, Lets find the best head unit for the FJ! I have been looking into aftermarket head units and can't seem to find a solid choice. Anybody replaced their FJammer with a tablet? I've seen a few people mount a tablet in front of the FJammer, but has anybody actually replaced the unit...
  4. Premium FJ Audio | Reference 400CF: DSP Amp + Subwoofer + Speakers + Plug & Play

    OEM Audio Plus
    The OEM Audio Plus FJ Cruiser Sound Solution We are proud to introduce the OEM Audio Plus complete audio experience for the FJ Cruiser discerning drivers. O+ currently offers one sound solution for the FJ vehicles: The Reference Series. We not only guarantee the quality and reliability of every...
  5. DDM Tuning HID Install - 8000K 55W HI/LO Kit

    Hey everyone! So recently, one of my low beams in my headlights died, so I figured hey! This would be a great excuse to finally get HIDs! And that's exactly what I did. So here is a full list of what to do when installing the HI/LO H4 HID kit from DDM Tuning. And the kit I specifically got was...