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  1. TRD Air Intake - Engine Light Keeps Coming On?

    Engine Performance
    Hi All, I installed a TRD Air Intake on my 20007 FJ about 8 months ago. And a Magnaflow Exhaust about 9 months ago. FJ has about 75K miles. It's been running perfectly! Last week, we were driving thru some windy conditions, and the dash engine light (along with some other lights) came on. The...
  2. Toyota Air Intake Hardware Kit - PTR03-35090-AD (Northern VA)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    For Sale: Toyota Air Intake Hardware Kit - PTR03-35090-AD Price: $35 including shipping Condition: Brand new (packaging was torn open to check fitment) Location: Northern Virginia I bought this kit online, but my 2007 FJ TRD SE has the older/different CAI system (PTR05-35061), so it doesn't...
  3. Opinion about - "Chip" + throttle body spacer mods etc.

    Engine Performance
    Greetings, hope all is well. I have an 07 and its awesome. got her used and came with TRD exhaust, wheels, & 2" lift. Maybe it was a trd model. NOW i was thinking of adding juice under the hood, wanted to ask you opinion on a few things - 1. TRD intake all positive info on this. what can you...
  4. NOOb question about TRD Intake tube.

    Engine Performance
    Hey guys, this is my second post (first being the Newb introduction) But my question is if anyone would know if the TRD intake tube (07-09) would fit in place of my stock intake tube (2012) The only reason I ask is because the shape looks very similar to the stock tubes shape, and it has the...