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  1. 2012 Factory JBL Subwoofer with Amp

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Just pulled from my 2012 FJ a very clean factory JBL Subwoofer with Amp. Small scuff on front bottom so look at picture for detail. Works great and vehicle has only 63,000 miles. I replaced entire audio system with a custom one. Buyer responsible for compatibility. If your FJ didn’t come with...
  2. Reading for 10" Android - what is the Multimedia Interface ECU?

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Thank you all thus far for the help getting wiring etc! I'm in love with the Joying and Pumkin 10" Android head units - yes 10 inches!! :blueblob: Mine is 2014 FJ with the premium JBL setup. But all of these units have RCA audio out into 4 speakers directly - and I have the JBL - which I...
  3. Head unit stereo wiring diagram for '14 - HELP!

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Folks - I feel like I've exhausted the internet trying to find head unit with JBL wiring diagram for my 2014 FJ. Searched here - nothing. Does it exist? Please see attached pictures. This is for model: 86120-35600 aka Fujitsu 123000-3490c101 HELP! :flame:
  4. For sale: OEM FJ JBL Premium Head Unit (stereo)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Selling my '14 FJ JBL Premium Head Unit. Bought my new FJ in Aug '14 and replaced the head unit the following month with a Kenwood nav unit (you can see my posts from Sept '14 on the subject and I have receipts if you wish to verify), so this had only 1 month of use. I was keeping it as a...
  5. $500 Audio Upgrade

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Hello, I have about $500 to spend on upgrading my car's audio system. I have the JBL 11 Speaker System in a '14. I listen to a lot of country and hip hop/rap. I know very little about car audio. I've been trolling around the forum for a while but I figured I'd post my own thread. The system has...
  6. Wakeboard speakers on roof rack

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    I want to wire some marine wakeboard boat speakers on the roof rack of my 2013 FJ for tailgating. I hqave the upgraded JBL supwoofer system and i was wondering if i could wire the marine speakers to the already installed amp that the JBL sub is hooked to? And if so where is that amp located in...