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  1. Suspension / Steering Tech
    I have a heavy front end Fj. Bumper, dual batteries, steel winch line. I have Kings with 700lb springs waiting for install. King doesnt do any preload on this spring from the factory, so can someone running a similar setup give me a thread count on each side? Im well aware this wont be exact...
  2. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hi all, this post is all about sharing your true EXPERIENCES, not so much opinions and thoughts. Mostly about your different suspension setups you've started with upgraded from no matter how many times. Starting from stock and all the way up to custom long travel suspension! The reason I make...
  3. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hey everyone, I am new to the FJ Fam, long time dirt muncher. Just purchased a used FJC with 35k miles formerly "PVMT NZ" which will soon be "SLPR" (sleeper) King Coil Over front and rear suspension Front Total Chaos Upper control arms NFAB front end Rough Country 30" curved light bar 33"...
1-3 of 3 Results