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  1. **SOLD** - For Sale - SCS F-5 Customs w/BFG 255/85 R16 ($625.00/OBO)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Hello All. I have a set of well used SCS Customs F-5 wheels for sale. $625.00/OBO Here are some of the details 5 Used wheels - SCS F-5 Customs w/BFG 255/85 R16 - 6 lug. Previously used on FJ Cruiser '14. 139.6x6 16x8 Offset +0mm Includes spline lugs and socket Includes TPMS AS IS - Sold as...
  2. OEM TPMS on 16' procomps and BFG MT T/A KM2

    Wheels and Tires
    Hi! basically what the title says, ¿Will the TPMS work? the setup is 16' procomps (including spare) and BFG MT T/A KM2 255/85R16 , if not well for selling them with the wheels and tires and look for an aftermarket alternative tpms/reprogram/recalibration , thanks!