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  1. Anyone Experience this specific type of cabin water leak?

    Newbie Discussions
    In the journey to figure out the precise source of the "water on the floorboards" in my FJ, I have deduced it to occur only after a downpour, somewhere in the roof area (could be roof rack bolts, seal, or windshield trim), and that it runs along the inside of the plastic panels connected to the...
  2. Icon Stage 2 Leaking Oil

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I installed a Stage 2 icon suspension kit in the fall of 2016. They installed fine and really enhanced the suspension. In Feb 2017 I began noticing oil on my driveway. After some investigation it was clearly coming from the rear driver side Icon shock. The front driver shock was also leaking...
  3. Damaged Radiator, need advice for repair

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Hey Guys, I just did a major f*[email protected] up (don't roast me for it I am already beating myself up for the stupidity) I tried to cut a cable tie near the radiator when my hand accidentally slipped and cut into the radiator. (pic attached) My questions is, will I have to replace the entire radiator or...