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led bars

  1. FS: 52" NiLight Curved LED Bar and RESZ Fab Brackets - NEW

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    I am selling a brand new NiLight 52" Curved LED light Bar w/ three rows of forward spot LEDs and size flood lights. Also including brand new RESZ Fab curved LED light bar brackets (not the cheap crap Amazon or eBay ones). Will throw in a Light bar toggle switch since I won't be needing it. Was...
  2. Led light bar help

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Hello I was at 4wheel parts and I came across a Used 50" led light bar for $100 I offered the manager $50 for it and he accepted it... now I need to find the mounting brackets for my 2011 TRD. Does anyone have any clue where I can find 50" mounting brackets. TIA... I will add the link for the...
  3. Roof Rack and Light setup

    Newbie Discussions
    So I have a 2011 Fj. I am looking at buying a new rack and light bars for it. I am looking at the "Gobi Ranger Rack" with "Rigid Industries 40"-50" Front led bar, 20" rear led bar and 2 led pods on both the left and right side totaling 4. Does anyone know if this will work, as in fit without...