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  1. Frontrunner LED Light Bar 40inch

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    selling my Frontrunner LED light bar. It’s 40inches long, bought from the CA store, never installed on my FJ. retails for $600. Asking $300 or OBO txt me for more info and pics 310-529-0463
  2. Diode Dynamics mirror LED lights stopped working & reverse lights are not working

    Hi All, I have a MT 2007 and the other day I was reversing and got yelled at. They said my reverse lights (led) were not working. I confirmed that they are not working, although sometimes I can see them illuminate briefly. I also noticed that the side mirror lights (led) are both not...
  3. Aftermarket LED light brake light cluster not fully working! Help!

    Hello all, I have a 2007 FJ Cruiser - bought it about a year ago. Issue I'm having at the moment is with my aftermarket LED cluster tail lights - on the driver's side only about half of the LEDs in the brake light cluster are functioning. I believe the brand are Spyder - anyway, they look...
  4. Can't Find Good Cowl Light Bracket

    Hi everyone, im new here btw. So i have been searching for a while for some cowl light bracket for the fj but i cant find any with good reviews only found some that reviews were pretty bad not. Saw some on pintrest that they had on purefjcruiser but apparently they dont have them there anymore...
  5. Rugged Ridge Third Brake Light LED Ring Install

    Hi guys and gals: Longtime lurker here--want to thank all of you for the help I've received here over the 7 years I've owned my FJ. 150K miles and still going strong! I work in the aftermarket automotive industry and get to play with A LOT of parts and talk to some great suppliers. One...
  6. Vland halo headlights

    Anyone have any experience with the Vland halo headlights. I had some for a short time, I loved the look but when I turned on the high beams they shut off. I was tired of messing with them and was near my window of returning them for a full refund so I returned them. I have found very few...
  7. How can I get a BI-XENON in H7 size bulb?

    Hey folks! How ya'll doing today? I currently have a SINGLE BEAM HID light on my aftermarket projector headlights, Was hoping to get some input on how to upgrade to BI-XENON. I can't seem to find a dual beam HID option anywhere! I know aftermarket things have their negatives but geesh, The H7...
  8. ***SOLD*** Rigid LED Light bar Set up for FJ Cruiser - NEW

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    These items are NEW - still in original packaging. The entire kit was purchased just prior to a divorce, which necessitated the sale of the FJ Cruiser they were intended to be installed on. NEW. This light bar setup is the complete kit to add over 18,000 lumens of lighting to your FJ. The...
  9. Warrior Products Black Friday Group Buy!! Round 2 on FJ Taillights.

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    (I was unable to post this in the group buy section) You can find the original post from Chas Moore here: I am trying to get the ball rolling on this so I can get the taillights :grin Chas Moore is at Moore Racing Tech. November 9 at 11:10am · Las Vegas Warrior Products Black Friday Group...
  10. FS: Rigid Industries FJ Light Bar Mount with (3) LED Light Bars

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    This is the Rigid Industries FJ Cruiser specific LED Light Bar Mount. I have (1) 20" LED Light bar and (2) 10" LED Light Bars all by Rigid Industries. See pictures below. 2005-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Roof Rack Mount Black | Rigid Industries Light Bar Mount $299 10" LED Light Bar $399 x 2 20"...
  11. 2012 vs. 2013 FJ electronics difference? Solid state relays?

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Maybe someone who really knows about the FJ electronics would know why a couple things I'm checking out online are listed as compatible with the 2012 FJ but not the 2013, which is what I have. I had assumed the two model years were identical in every way. I'm in the process of replacing...
  12. Odometer LED display problem

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    2013. Some of the LEDs are burnt out on my odometer. It looks more like Klingon than numbers. Repair advice?
  13. KorbenDallas "Hawkeye" Build Thread

    Member Build Ups
    I'm still relatively new (March 2016). This is my first build thread. 2011 Army Green Very Special To Me Edition. This is going to be a bit strange because I've already done most of the work! Quick background on me: I'm a musician at night. I play the drums. I needed something to haul gear...
  14. Mirror Lights

    Just wondering if anybody has tried using these lights in their mirrors, I'm running LED's right now but they are still really dim (which sucks cause I paid $12 for them at Lordco..) But so far they are the brightest that I can find online, if you have found brighter ones though, please share...
  15. 7" Housing for LED Upgrad

    I just bought these headlights, electric all plugs in great - but the don't fit. I need a bracket or something. Anyone have any luck with this kind of mod - or know where I can find the bracket? Already contacted the manufacterer but haven't heard back yet...
  16. 50INCH Curved 480W OSRAM LED WORK LIGHT BAR ($125)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    - 50INCH Curved 480W OSRAM LED WORK LIGHT BAR ($125) Local Pick-Up in Union City, Ca.
  17. LED -Rigid Industries LED E-Series 4" - Spot

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    2 - Rigid Industries LED E-Series 4" - Spot $400 for both lights. Watts: 30 Amp Draw: 2.17 LED's: 8 Raw Lumens: 3000 Lux @ 10m: 1111 Beam Distance: 667 m Peak Beam Intensity: 111100 cd More specs see: E-Series 4" - Spot Surface Amber Black | Rigid Industries
  18. Light Bar - Anyone know which brand this is?

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I saw this light bar on a rig. Couldn't find the owner but interested in the light bar. I searched around past threads and couldn't find this one. Anyone have any leads? I appreciate the assistance.
  19. What size led light bar for my 2007 fj

    Newbie Discussions
    I have a roof rack on it and was wondering what size works best.. Also if I should attach it to the roof rack or at the top of windshield??
  20. New 2015 LED Headlight Conversion, Bulbs only.

    Hi all, Yes, I know, there are many members who disbelieve in a bulb only in reflector housing, but this is what I did and personally love it. I just installed a new "LED Headlight Conversion Kit I got off ebay. They do not have a fan or any kind of ballast/voltage modulator/whatever. They use...