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  1. Wheel + Tire + Lift Photo Gallery

    Wheels and Tires
    Is there a specific photo gallery where people show their car and list the exact tire, wheel and lift for comparison? I could not find that when I performed the search. Thanks!
  2. Just got a 2010 in June 2020

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    I am glad to be a part of this community. I know this newbie forum isn't the place to have all your questions answered. I will look for the answers in the proper sections. However, here's the laundry list of what I hope to learn: I want to do a mild lift and get a slightly larger tire than the...

    Newbie Discussions
    Looking to finally lift my stock 2008 FJ 3 inches. Right now I have the stock 16 inch wheels. Love these TRDS attached below which are only made in 16s. With a lift and bigger tires, could I stick with 16 or should I upgrade to 17? What are the absolute biggest tires I can put on a 3 inch lift...
  4. RC 2" Lift Questions

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Just some quick questions about the RC 2" FJ lift, because I couldn't really find anything on the forum (Im new here, maybe im just missing it!), and the product reviews are all for 4runners. Has anyone actually installed this...
  5. Extra modifications needed when lifting 2.5", 33" tires

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I have owned my FJ cruiser for a little over 3 years now and I feel it is time to start taking it on more adventures and modifying it as well. I want to start start off with a 285/70/17 tire, with a 2.5" lift. my concern is what may be the additional mods that I might need to do. For example...
  6. ICON-suspension removed

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hi all, Shopping for suspension kit for my '07. Had a stray thought, can't find anything on the web so thought I would try posting to get broader scope. Anybody ever heard of someone REMOVING an Icon suspension to install another brand? I have seen plenty of people that tried to save...
  7. 3.0 shocks

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I'm new to posting, I've been a lurker for a year or 2, just bought a green 2013 with 60k miles in October of last year. I've been looking around at shock options and have become more and more curious as to why there aren't any readily available 3.0 coilover option for the fj. Do they not...
  8. FJ Work in progress

    FJ Work in progress

    My current goal if you wanna call it that is to create my own custom FJC build that is more of a modified customized build but only to a certain extent. I would like to develop and currently in the midst of making a custom lift kit or suspension setup that will utilize specialty suspension...
  9. Opinions on my future Bumper/Suspension setup

    Newbie Discussions
    Hello, I am looking to purchase a Demello Offroad bumper that I've had my eye on for a while now and I soon plan on ordering it, since they have a pretty decent sale going on which would make the total about $1300. Im looking to get the steel one with the devil eye style. Other than the price...
  10. 3" lift for stock FJ?

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hi, I am considering adding some lift to the FJ for aesthetic reasons. Earlier this year, I added steel front and rear bumpers as well as a 9,000lbs winch to this particular "Mall Crawler". Why? well... #1-I have a Jeep YJ that does the off roading and it is more "economical" to modify than the...
  11. Rubbing after spacers, 285s, 3inch lift. SPC UCAs

    Wheels and Tires
    Hey, Hope someone can give me some good pointers here.. I have an 08 FJ, my set up is, 285/70/17, 3" Bilstein lift and SPC/LR UCAs... the thing is I installed some 1.5" wheel spacers two days ago, and now my tires are rubbing at the body mount. Its rubbing on the drivers side and only when I...
  12. 4x2 lift help

    4x2 Discussion
    hi all, I would like to lift my 2wd 2010 fj about 3 inches. I am not sure if I need to change the suspension, get an extra spacer lift, or get a 4x4 axle to put in the front to make it look level and am looking for some direction. I would like to do this purely for cosmetic reasons... I mainly...
  13. Biggest tire size with 2.5 inch lift and body mount chop?

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Searching for some new tires. Anyone know the largest tire size you can fit with a 2.5 inch lift and body chop? Thanks
  14. Opinion on my choice of lift

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hey everyone, So I've been contemplating a lift for some time now, and have done a TON of reading and I think I've made the decision to go with the Toytech BOSS 3" lift. I've never had a lifted vehicle before, so I wanted to run this by the forum and get some opinions. My goals for a lift...
  15. WTB - Toytec Superflex rear coils

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    **FOUND** Toytec Superflex or OME 895E rear coils **FOUND** Thanks, Leo
  16. Beating a dead horse RC 6" Lift 08 6 MT

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    As with everyone else I am having issues finally after a couple years of putting on my RC 6" lift. I went through a CV axle in about 6 months without tearing the CV boots at all. The upper CV cage was binding even when the truck wasn't flexed any at all. I have ordered new ICON front shocks to...
  17. Brand new FJ, Bilstein lift?

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hi, I just bought a 2008 FJ Cruiser. I am from the States but not living there right now. My FJ is in pretty good shape, just getting basic mechanical stuff on point before playing with it. I have some ideas for lifts, need some help if possible. Im looking right now at the Bilstein B8 6112...
  18. UCA upgrade

    General Discussion
    I recently installed a 3" rough country spacer lift on my FJ, and ordered 33's. After the installation of the tires, my cv axle snapped on the left side and had to replace both CV's and both struts. After I got done with that nightmare, I noticed every time I go over pot hole, there is a loud...
  19. Suspension Refresh Need Your Experience

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I have 136,000 on my 07 (bought new and babied) and have kept it pretty much stock. I have always wanted to add a 3 inch lift but figured I would wait until I needed to. Well, after 136,000 miles my ride is spongy. So I have settled on the ProComp kit K5074B mostly because (and this might sound...
  20. WTB Rough Country 6inch lift

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Im looking for a Fj rough country 6inch lift.