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  1. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Icon 2.0 aluminum series long travel shocks, springs and extended bump stops. Shocks were mounted almost 4yrs ago but never actually ran. In brand new condition. Have literally 0 miles on them. Went a different route and thought I’d eventually use them but they been collecting dust in my...
    $650 USD
  2. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Looking to buy uca and lca long travel. Dirtking or total Choas.
  3. Suspension / Steering Tech
    The long Journey into Long Travel Suspension is completed. Very happy with results, nice smooth ride. Recycled this set-up from my 2016 Tacoma from which it was removed. Gotta Love that Toyota interchangeability.
  4. Suspension / Steering Tech
    I have searched a lot of places and can't find an answer. I am currently in the middle of an 8.2 swap, and I'm adding a MT LT at the same time. My questions is; is this a spacer on top of my coils, or is this stock? If it is a spacer I know that I need to take it out. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Suspension / Steering Tech
    This is a thread documenting my rear long travel setup. If the Metaltech long travel kit is long travel, then my setup is going to be "super" long travel. Don't get me wrong, the Metaltech kit is great, you get an 11.5" stroke shock that is bolt-on, reliable, cheap, and works well with 35's. But...
  6. Member Build Ups
    For years I have always wanted to start a build thread to document my journey with my FJ. And here I am today:smile The Name I like the character of a craftsman, someone who is humble, dedicated and good at creating and making things. I enjoy modifying my FJ equally, if not more than wheeling...
  7. Suspension / Steering Tech
    This is a similar write up to my previous one on Total Chaos +2" LT. The good old +2" kit served me pretty well, but like i wrote in the review, I was really...
  8. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    I need to replace my LCAs for my FJ and want to see if I can't find a deal for the TC long travel setup before I get the OEM LCAs to install. Thanks :smile
  9. 4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    I have been running the Camburg IFS setup I bought from FJNewb for a while now. But being in the driver's seat i never got a chance to see it doing work in action. This time my friend got a video of me crawling up a washout and it was my first time seeing how it moves. It's pretty cool how much...
  10. Suspension / Steering Tech
    We have various comparison threads for bumpers, regular lift kits, etc. How about one for everything long travel? I think there's been enough members with the various kits that can explain their specific setup for those of us who are wishfully looking at them. If you have any version of a long...
  11. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    $349 shipped in US You get one MT LT Heavy coil for driver side and one MT LT Medium coil for passenger side. This way you have nice long travel setup with no FJ driver side lean. You put heavy spring on driver side where gas tank is and medium spring on the passenger side to nicely level the...
  12. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    SOLD! I won these last year in the FJ Summit and meant to sell sooner. They have been sitting in the spare bedroom. These are the Metal Tech Long Travel rear springs. I believe they are the Medium duty. Part # MT-GSJ-4000. I believe these retail for $225 so I think $125 is fair. I'm in...
  13. 2014 FJCruiser Summit
    Thank you everyone for your interest in our products and for all the great memories! Here are some of the photographs we took during our time on the trails. More photos will be uploaded on our Flickr album here:
  14. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Here is the most comprehensive list of suspension options for FJ Cruisers out there! Prices and options are always changing so I will try to update it as often as possible. Last Updated: 11/8/2020 To help understand the comparison a little more and what type of lift kit or suspension...
1-14 of 14 Results