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  1. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Just looking for a set of old worn out Front Lower Control Arms. Even if you have just one side in decent condition (i.e. did not have to cut it to get it off)
  2. Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hello, first time post. I have a 2011 fj, I have been upgrading the suspension (OME 3" lift, SPC UCAs) I am running into the issue of alignment, I took it in to get aligned and they can't due to the LCA cam bolts being frozen so they need to cut them off. I've taken it to two places so I know...
  3. Tools
    Just an FYI. If you have to cut out your lower control arms because the hardware has seized inside the bushings and are using a Sawzall - Use carbide blades. They will cut through like butter.
  4. Maintenance Tech
    So I just got the FJ lifted and when the shop went to realign the wheels, they couldn't break the cam bolt loose because it had rusted in place. They say if they break the bolt head off, I'll have to pay over $1000 in new cam bolts and replacing the lower control arms. Anyone know a good way to...
1-4 of 4 Results