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  1. What gear do I keep my FJ in for daily driving? Manual transmission.

    How-To Technical Articles
    I am trying to figure out what gear the transfer case needs to be in for daily driving. Getting mixed answers from everyone even Toyota. I would like to not destroy my transfer case. Please help! This is for Manual transmission which is completely different from the automatic. Thanks
  2. 2008 FJC Manual Trans.,158K miles, IN - $13,500

    Vehicles For Sale
    Hello, I am selling my 2008 FJ Cruiser with a manual transmission. I have owned the car since 2018 and it has been a great car, but I am selling due to my needs in a vehicle not aligning well with the FJ now. The car is in great mechanical shape, with minor cosmetic defects. I can provide...
  3. Should I buy a 07 MANUAL FJ in 2020?

    Newbie Discussions
    I’m interested in purchasing an 07 manual fj. The FJ I’m considering to buy has 144,000 miles, clean title, 2 owners, and service records from the dealer. They are asking $16000. Im keeping my daily commuter car and only plan on using this FJ for backpacking trips and maybe Sunday drives. It’s...
  4. Terrible gas mileage!

    Engine Performance
    I need some help. My Fj gets about 10mpg no matter what kind of driving I do. It’s an 07 6spd manual and has 120k miles. Before I go anywhere I am getting a PO430 code, which I believe is tied to my issue. I will say I do a lot more city driving than highway. But 10mpg can’t be right. My truck...
  5. 07 manual transmission

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    FYI..there’s a sleeve kit available for the worn pilot shaft/throwout brg shaft that creates the “chirping/mouse” noise due to brg wobbling on shaft. And..shifter went limp and stuck in last gear was a backed out bolt in shift fork.
  6. 2010 TTSE MANUAL transmission 75K miles, $30K, Monterey, CA

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    2010 Trail Teams Special Edition asking $30k Only 1500 TTSEs produced in 2010 and only a small percentage of them in manual transmission. Very rare find especially with this low of mileage and in this condition. No mods, everything from factory. Original owner, car fax says 4 owners, but it...
  7. 2007 FJ - Manual Transmission - 90,000km (56,000miles)

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    EDIT - Truck has sold
  8. FJ Cruiser 2007 - MANUAL - Low Miles - 108K

    Vehicles For Sale
    FJ Cruiser 2007 - MANUAL - Low Miles - 108K $17,500 No low ballers, please. I am in no hurry to sell this truck and can keep it until the right buyer comes along. This model year, with only 108k miles, is not easy to find - especially with the 6-speed manual transmission. As one Toyota...
  9. Here we go--08 FJ Manual 4x4--HELP

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hey everyone new to the forum but have definitely done HOURS of research already on here! So I recently just purchased an 08 FJ manual transmission 4x4 with 72K miles on it. As soon as I got back into town I took to the local toyota dealer to get it inspected.. of course they charge me for 2...
  10. 2008 FJ - Rare Manual Transmission

    Vehicles For Sale
    Selling this vehicle cause I need a full size pickup. This is a stock vehicle except for some simple step bars and K&N air filter. I bought it new and it's never had an accident and never really been off-road. High miles (121K) since I used this for work travel around Ohio and many visits to...
  11. Broken Transmission - Stuck in Neutral

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    I have an 09 6MT that suffered a breakdown this week. My kid was driving it and hit the brakes heavy when a truck pulled out in front of him. He says that his right foot also caught the gas pedal causing the engine revs to lurch up to 6000. Clutch was in so no loss of control. He heard a pop...
  12. Manual Gear & Differential Oils

    Maintenance Tech
    I have a 2007 FJ with a manual transmission. The manual calls for 75W/90 GL-4 or GL-5 for the transmission; for the front and rear differentials it calls for 90W GL-5; and for the transfer case 75W/90 GL-5. My questions: 1. Where can I buy 90W GL-5? I checked Amsoil, Red Line and Swepco's...