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  1. Maintenance Tech
    Hey guys I have an 07 FJ @ 220k miles . I probably should have posted this in newbie category , but I had my rear diff give out 2 weeks ago it’s sat at the first local mechanics shop for a couple days then got a recommended a 2nd mechanic and it’s sat there since then . They keep telling me they...
  2. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hi to everyone! My name is Ivan. Finally make my dream come true, bought 2007 FJ. Have some experience with Toyota before (Prius/Camry), and small off-road with Suzuki and Mitsubishi in Iceland🇮🇸 /Georgia🇬🇪. already looking for good advice about mechanic who can help with FJ services and...
  3. North East Region
    Hi people! I just brought from West Virginia a 2007 TRD with 220K miles. Drove 620 miles and no issue 🤘 I leave in Brooklyn 11231 and I'm looking for a mechanic. Any tips? Thank you all! M
  4. South East Region
    Hi FJ Forum! I evacuated Hurricane Ida from New Orleans to Memphis and my A/C stopped working (sputtering sound; on and off, now finally completely off after filling refrigerant at Auto Zone) I need to take my baby to a shop somewhere between Memphis and Asheville tomorrow to replace the...
  5. North West Region
    I found my new mechanic in Bend Last weekend I was driving the national forest roads, when I heard really bad clanking sounds coming from my passage wheel. I looked and I had lost the nut to the Upper Control Arm (UCA) and the bolt was working its way off. I managed to drive slowly off the...
1-5 of 5 Results